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Your Day-of Checklist

Let's keep it real. You've planned a ridiculous amount for this one day. You've thought of everything under the sun. The last thing on your list is to show up and say, "I DO!"


You want the album of your dreams? Do these things for me pretty please.

#1 Detail Box

First thing I'll ask for when I show up to a wedding is, "Where are the rings, your bouqet, shoes, and dress?" The follow-up question is, "Do you have any additional details you want photographed?" The answer should be, "Yes, here's ALL MY THINGS." Bam. Done. Legit have a box. Heck, even two: one for you and one for your partner. Some things you might want photos of include:

  • Rings (Engagement and bands)

  • Flowers (bouquets, boutonnières, extra cut flowers from your decor)

  • Invitations/Save the Dates, etc.

  • The Dress + veil

  • The Shoes

  • The Suit

  • The Shoes

  • The Wedding Party's dresses/suits (If you want a pic of everyone's together. Super cute photo op, requires maximum logistics)

  • Hers: Jewelry, garter, anything not bolted down

  • His: Watch, belt, bowtie, regular tie, cuff-links, anything not bolted down

  • Vow books (if written)

  • Flower girl's things (outfit, shoes, jewerly, bouquet, headband, etc.)

  • Ringbearer's things (outfit, shoes, carrying pillow, etc.)

#2 Room Details

This is the second-ish thing I do when arriving on site depending on our schedule. This can be conflicting if you're doing a room swap or are relying on self-setup, or have different scheduling plans with your planner/venue. This is best done before guests arrive which is why I do it at the top of the day.

#3 Iron Your Clothes

Make sure your wedding party knows to bring their outfits ironed! They WILL be wrinkly and it WILL look bad. Especially on these fine detail shoes. Steam your dress on location BEFORE the day gets going because you will get busy and worst case scenario we are behind schedule. Sub-note: have non plastic hangers for any garment that will be in pictures. Preferably ones that the hook can swivel. I typically being one or two for the dress/suit, but if you're trying to take pictures of everyone's dresses together, you will want them all to match. I recommend a $10 pack of wooden ones from Target or Walmart. It doesn't have to be fancy to look fancy.

#4 Eat Lunch (AND HYDRATE)

Your hair and make-up starts at 8am. You MIGHT have had breakfast. Typically it's the meal of the day that you skip because, "It's too early to be hungry." Fast forward to a 4pm ceremony. You still have approximately 2.5 hours until you're anywhere near food. If catering is on time.

PLEASE feed yourself and your wedding party. Don't be worried about trying to go to the bathroom in your dress becaue you've been chugging water. Your skin needs it, you'll feel more alert, no headaches, and I promise you will still be hungry for dinner. Not to mention, it's not just self-inflicted discomfort. Your wedding party has been with you the entire time and they are just as hungry. If I have to say anything else, I'm nott sharing my granola bars.

#5 Do a First Look

Okay I KNOW you're not supposed to, but logistically, why not? You can do full-party photos before cocktail hour (or a majority of them), making more time for your couple's session after the ceremony (yay!), actually get back to ENJOY your cocktail hour with guests, and not to mention the absolutely adorable photos from the first look that you can look back on for years to come. Now you have just made a private time for you and your partner to connect before the ceremony, have personal vows, and get a couple tears out before the Big One. All I see are wins.


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